Training in the Philippines for Teachers

When I started my career as a professional speaker, I envisioned myself equipping thousand of school teachers. To prepare the next generation of leaders, we must prepare their teachers.

I expected it to be easy, but I was wrong. There is no culture of learning in most of our schools. Make a quick survey. Find out how many education books teachers are reading every month. Ask who among them attend seminars on child psychology, classroom teaching and management, and professional development. Ask how many of them are enrolled in a continuing education program.

You will be disappointed. But disappointments will not change anything.

We must act. If you are a parent, convince school heads to encourage teachers to pursue graduate studies. Convince your parents and teachers association to offer ladderized training programs and professional development seminars to teachers.

If your company recognized your corporate social responsibility, channel your projects towards helping school heads to get education on leadership. I know that a three-day seminar on transformational leadership will make them thirst for change. Three years ago, I created this program for school principals and I pray that I be given the chance to train every principal in our public schools.

You can also sponsor teachers to our professional development seminars. Or you can bring my Touching Lives seminars to every school. You will not regret helping our teachers.

If you are a teaching expert, why not join my team. Together let us create the curriculum that will prepare teachers for the future.

You and I can do great things by putting together the small things we can share.

Jef Menguin


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