So you can listen, you have to be silent.  It is difficult to be silent when it seems to you that you know the answers.  But it is really another minute of silence that will help you understand better.


Live your legend.

Personal development isn’t just about learning new skills and mindset. It is not only about getting better and better everyday.

We pursue personal development so we can live our own legend today. We are writing the chapters in the book we call life.

Everyday is a chance to tell a story to the people who matter to me most. It is a chance to be an inspiration to people whose lives we touch everyday.

Everyday is an adventure. And everyday can be our last. Live your legend today.

Jef Menguin

Start something now.

I wrote the Trailblazer Manifesto to encourage myself to start something now. I do not have to wait until I am “ready”. I will not be ready unless I start.

I will not be able to write a book if I need to wait until I become an expert. I will become an expert about something when I published a book.

You can make a positive difference in the world. You can change anything you want to change in the future by starting the change today. You only need to start with one step…one small step so that the second and third…and thousand steps become possible.

Jef Menguin

Small Success

Do you celebrate small successes? I encourage you to focus on what works well in your life. When you celebrate your successes, no matter how small, you are allowing it to multiply.

Allow yourself to be happy about small things. Build your happiness muscles so that when the big successes come, you’ll recognize them.

Jef Menguin

Work Under Pressure

I am reading Life Is Not A Stress Rehearsal by Loretta LaRoche. It is a good read. It reminds us that we only need to listen to our inner grandmother. For your grandmother knows how to handle stress.

Stress management is a modern day invention. This is why companies offer stress management seminars to employees to increase productivity. In my workshops, encourage participants to identify the real enemy. Stress is champion’s friend. Stress is necessary to be truly alive. Stress must be celebrated.

Of course, not everyone really believe at once. This is why I tell stories of stressful situations of “easily handled” by people who know.

Most people panic when there is fire. But you do not expect a fireman to panic too, do you? He must ready for that. Same situation; different mindset and capability. Those who do not know what to do see themselves as victims. Those who know what to do see themselves as problem solvers.

And this is how I handle myself. I can work under pressure because I know precisely that it is during such times that I must give my full attention to the job. The more that I feel the tension, the more that I feel that joy of making quick decisions.

Stress, or stressful situation, is a game, a game we can all play and win.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Heat is On.”

The Power of Presence

Presence makes a person taller and bigger.

I am still on my 21 day challenge on discovering and making presence, engagement, and network. I am making more engagement and I have a larger network now. It is presence that I am constantly working on every day.

I saw presence yesterday while watching the  Balancing Act of the African Acrobats. Every member of the team has immense energy and confident. They know what they were doing and the audience felt their presence.

I still have six more days. I have a lot to share. And I will.

Jef Menguin