Start something now.

I wrote the Traiblazer Manifesto to encourage myself to start something now. I do not have to wait until I am “ready”. I will not be ready unless I start. I will not be able to write a book if I need to wait until I become an expert. I will become an expert about…

Small Success

Do you celebrate small successes? I encourage you to focus on what works well in your life. When you celebrate your successes, no matter how small, you are allowing it to multiply. Allow yourself to be happy about small things. Build your happiness muscles so that when the big successes come, you’ll recognize them. Jef…


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Leaders spend too many hours trying to fix problems. They get themselves busy over small things — and find themselves juggling marbles. You know how difficult that is. Don’t waste your time on small, tactical actions. You need to see the big picture everyone once and a while. You’ve…

Work Under Pressure

I am reading Life Is Not A Stress Rehearsal by Loretta LaRoche. It is a good read. It reminds us that we only need to listen to our inner grandmother. For your grandmother knows how to handle stress. Stress management is a modern day invention. This is why companies offer stress management seminars to employees…

The Power of Presence

Presence makes a person taller and bigger. I am still on my 21 day challenge on discovering and making presence, engagement, and network. I am making more engagement and I have a larger network now. It is presence that I am constantly working on every day. I saw presence yesterday while watching the  Balancing Act of…

Presence. Engagement. Network.

My new 21 day challenge starts today. The three words presence, engagement,and network are three different goals with overlapping actions. You can help me become successful. Presence. Wherever I am, I will make my presence felt. I want to feel the positive energy that I bring to them every time I speak and every time I listen to them….

What to look for a motivational speaker?

I republished my article on 24/7 motivational speaker. My contention is that although motivational speakers are honest people and all willing to help, the best person who can motivate employees are the leaders. No motivational speaker can undo demotivation caused by poor management style. I admire the motivational speakers in the Philippines. They are full…

Philippines Leadership Speaker

YOU WILL FIND the old post of in its new house. Philippines.Leadership.Speaker. will serve another purpose which I have now explained in the website. You can visit it today.  

Grow Everyday

You have to grow everyday or you will start shrinking.   + Jef Menguin

What do you reward?

When you do not expect excellence, you tolerate mediocrity. – + Jef Menguin


Think out of the box. Think inside the box. With box or no box, think! -jef menguin