990 Leaders

There are many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. When there is an intention to serve, you attract people.

This August 2016, I have trained all kinds of leaders.

  1. Ninety nurses, doctors, and medical staff.
  2. One hundred twenty educators.
  3. Sixty service crews.
  4. Six hundred fifty student leaders.
  5. Seventy financial consultants.

The month is not yet over.

As I share this list with you, I encourage you to count your blessings. Every person you can inspire and equip is God’s gift to you. Every person who listen to you believe that you can help them.

Grab every opportunity to be of help.


P.S. Read this old post: A Remarkable Speaker. Wherever you are now, you can make your job remarkable.

The Poetry of List-Making


World of Colors

The world isn’t black or white. There are infinite colors in between them. And when we recognize this, we’ll be able to celebrate those whose colors and shades are not the same with us.

My call for positive revolution is to a call to celebrate the world — most specially what’s right with the world. Open your eyes — and you’ll see that our differences should not divide us Our differences only show how colorful we all are.

#colors #positiverevolution

Start a positive revolution.

Negative rules the day. The quickest way to come up with something to say is to talk about the negatives. Highlight whatever is wrong — and we’ll all find the reasons why we are not good enough.

But for every negative, there is positive. Although people tend to celebrate what’s wrong nine of ten, the positives never disappeared. It was not just prefered. It was not just celebrated.

It does not take a genius to talk about the negative. But to talk about the positives, to start a positive revolution, takes courage.

I invite you to celebrate what’s right with the world. Let your voice be heard. Let’s start a positive revolution.

Jef Menguin

#positiverevolution #voice

Let your voice be heard.

My dear friend, let your voice be heard. Sitting on the sidelines, keeping yourself invisible will not help you. Neither will it help the world.

You have stories to tell. Stories which are foreign to others until you set them free. Stories which will enrich our lives. Stories, which sometimes, can change the world.

When I was young, one teacher commanded our class to keep our mouth shut. We, students, were discouraged to initiate conversations with each other — most specially when she was not around. She assigned one of our classmates to monitor the rest of us, and this poor fellow was ordered to write the names of those who violated her no-conversation rule. We were fined 25 centavos for talking — or in her term, for being noisy.

Let your voice be heard. Don’t allow anyone to tell you not to use your voice. It is God’s gift to you. And the only way you can show appreciation to that gift is to use it.

Let your voice be heard — and let the world see you soul.



Malasakit is one Filipino trait that I hope the world will practice. Malasakit is your ability to feel the pain of others. The nearest English word is compassion.

When you have malasakit, you will care for others. You will care for the environment. You will care for the future. You will care even for those whom you do not know.

The opposite of excellence is not mediocrity. It is the absence of malasakit, or indifference. When one has malasakit, he cannot help but give his best. He will make better his best because he cares. He will show his best because he owns the impact of his actions to others.

Malasakit, simply the best of Filipino values, that I hope everyone in the world — and beyond — to practice.

Jef Menguin

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Simply the Best.”

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Live Your Life

Most people will predict your future according to their failures. Make no mistake…many of them are nice people and they meant well. But do not allow them to map out your future for you.


They are ignorant on you. What they have are impressions of what you can and cannot do. But only know what’s up their in your head and who you are within your heart. Live your life.

Thank these people every time they try to “protect” and “guide” you. Learn from their mistakes. Then create a path which others can soon follow.


Jef Menguin

When doing it now is the right thing…

Then by all means, do it now.

This morning, I wrote a blog post on Why People Keep What They Hate and I know that some people can relate.

This morning, I uninstalled the Candy Crush App from my Ipad. As long as it is there, I will keep on playing it and I will be spending my hours on that instead on the more important things. Never mind that I only have 9 more challenges left before I get to complete the whole game.

This morning, I washed the dishes. No, I do not hate it really. But I tend not to do it because someone else will wash the dishes for me.

Yesterday, I decided not to be dependent on people even on small things like washing. Whatever I can do today, I must do it now.

Deleting Candy Crush will not take a minute.

Doing the small things, like washing dishes will not take more than two minutes. But most people, including me, delay decisions. What a waste of time!

When you are going to do something, big or small, do it now.

Jef Menguin

P.S. When you are not in the mood to do something…do it. Action stimulates motivation.