Learn for free!

You can choose to learn something everyday. And you can learn for free. Online.

I encourage you to find more opportunities to increase your knowledge and develop your skills. You will have a better appreciation of your world when you see it from the eyes of knowledge. One gift of knowledge is that ability to see things not only in black and white but in rainbow of colors.

I shared here the courses I took recently. I paid for some — but the rest I got for free.


Change. Create. Collaborate.

I will be working on three experiments for the month of September 2013.

The first is change. I will have a new resident in Antipolo. I will three new employees who are all very capable. There will new public seminars my organization will offer to the market. There will also be changes in lifestyle designs.

My blog, Tsinelas Leadership will not only change. I will also talk more about change and why we need to create and embrace change.

The second word is create. There will new things that I am up to start in the month of September. You will find out that I am
1. Launch a leadership podcast
2. Produce more videos
3. Create a portal Training in the Philippines.
4. Create a portal Team Building in the Philippines.
5. Start a new fitness program.

The third is collaborate. I recognize the power of collaboration and I am looking for more opportunities to collaborate with organizations who may complement our programs. I am also looking to work with more consultants for Starfisher Asia.

The month of August was great. I am expecting the month of September to be much much better.

I hope to see you soon.

Jef Menguin

Seminars in the Philippines

Starting April 2013, I will once again conduct seminars for the public. I will start with public speaking workshops and supervisory leadership workshops.

Workshops that REALLY work.
These seminars in the Philippines are meant to provide what the Filipino professional needs to be world class professionals. We begin with where they are and the programs are tested to help them get the most of seven-hour each day program.

Some seminars are done by one day, others by two-days, and other seminars are for one week.

Remarkable experiences.
We design remarkable experiences. That is what participants to these seminars will surely experience. My project is to create the standard of what learning can be in the Philippines.

I have seen how some international trainers conduct their seminars. Some are filled with information you seem to be drinking on a fireman’s hose.

Others use smoke screens and fantastic fireworks that will bring you delight and excitement but no learning.

We want to provide an experience that will bring them to the mountain top.

Mountain Top Experience
This is why I am choosing Cloud 9 as the first venue of my seminars in the Philippines. Cloud 9 is a hotel located in Antipolo City. It can accommodate 260 people and has 6 function rooms.

I am also eyeing venues in Baguio, Tagaytay, and Sagada.

Mountain tops bring an experience you cannot easily get from the highly urbanized areas in Metro Manila.

Join us
You can find your way to the mountain top. If you want to know more about our seminars, I encourage you to join me. Write an email to inspire@jefmenguin.com

Keynote and Guest Speaking

My schedule for next three months will be full very soon for speaking engagements. As of now, I am scheduled to keynote three annual assemblies. I am a new hand in keynote speaking. I have to much to learn and the opportunity for experimentation and discovery is great.

I also observed that there is an increasing number of invitation for me to be a guest speaker. For the last two weeks, I got invitation from five universities. Instead of creating pocket speeches for this invitations, I came up with written reflections on how and why guest speakers must prepare. You will find all of these posts in Guest Speaking 101.

Since the month of March and April are a season for commencement exercises , I wrote five posts on how you can become an effective commencement speaker. I will be posting them next week. One day you will be invited to deliver your commencement speech too. You will likely to benefit from these tips which I gave to those who came to me for coaching sessions.

Jef Menguin



Daily Leadership Seminar Opportunities

Everyday for the next 90 days, I will be providing leaders in the Philippines to get the opportunity to bring my seminars to their organization. This is just an experiment. I know that not everyone who is given the chance to become effective leaders grab the opportunities given to them. I know also that not everyone believes that this man Jef Menguin can give them something.

Man does not always trust someone he does not know.

This project is my opportunity to show them what I can offer. You can find these daily seminar promotions here.

Good People Can Win an Election

WE OUGHT TO HAVE POLITICAL LEADERS who have the heart and the head. It seemed that those who really can do more for the country do not dip their fingers in politics. The good ones do not get elected because good intentions are not always enough. Traditional political families have mastered the art of winning through guns, goons, and gold. They invest in religious leaders who command their people to vote for one politicians – for a price. You know this open secret.

I thought I can write series of articles that can help well-intentioned leaders win an election in the Philippines. To win an election, they must not use the strategies of the traditional politicians. Cheating is second nature to tradpols. Good leaders cannot compete with them in a game they have created.

They can harness the power of the grassroots. They can win an election through clear communication of their change agenda and a system of campaigning akin to the strategies of great companies. This is I will share through How Visionary Filipino Leaders Can Win an Election.

Visit the page and share your thoughts.

Experimenting on G+

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki, I have learned from What the Plus that Facebook is for people, twitter is for perspectives, and Google+ for passions. I like to add that Linkedin is for professions.

I decided to fast from Facebook for 90 days and now I know why. Though I am very interested with people (I write for them everyday) I like also to express my passions and Google+ is a good place to start a community of people with the same passions.

As I write this I honestly believe that I can create a community of professional speakers and a community of Filipino bloggers in Google+. If you believe you like to belong to this community, I encourage you to add +jefmenguin to circles.

Thanks to Guy for his good ideas.

Jef Menguin