Follow your passion.

Does you compass always points to north?

There are two kinds of compasses in this life. The first compass is believed to be pointing its needle to magnetic north. Society believes when you received this kind of compass, you’ll be able to navigate life.

It is easy to believe this,  at first glance, because it seems everyone believe rely on this compass.

Society introduced this kind of compass to us in our family, in schools, in churches, by mentors, and by leaders we believed and followed.

At second glance, however, when you compare all of these compasses given to us by the society, you’ll soon discover that the needles point to different norths. There are times, the north of one compass is directly opposite to others.

Now, the  second kind of  compass I was telling you is that compass you must have seen in a movie. The other compass is like that of Captain Sparrow. The compass appears to be useless for most people. It does not show you north.

It’s up to you now, Jack. This compass points towards what you want most. Never betray it. ―Morgan to Jack Sparrow

It points to what you want most in life. It points to your passion. It points to what you love.

And I am thinking. What compasses am I holding today? Which one must I use?

I will follow my passion. I will do what I love most. I will be the person that I want to be. I will follow that which will make me most valuable. I will go there where I can be happy. I will go where my heart is.

My friends, which compass are you going to use today?




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