Does a new experience frighten you?

Seth Godin hit the nail on its head: having an experience for the first time is frightening.

I am sure that I know what I am going to do.  I have figured out my marketing and service delivery strategies. I have tested the ideas so many times in my head. If I had the right people, there was no way we could fail.

But I do not know the future.

And I don’t know who are the people I am going to work with in this new project I have to handle for a company that I was once a president.  I will be leading a new team and I  know only one of them. All the other seven members exist only in my imagination.

I imagined these people to be action-oriented, with high level of business acumen, creative, and who will not stop until we win. Unfortunately, I never had these kind of team members before.

Either most people are excellent during interviews — or I am not good at finding really great talents. I have read many books on behavioral interviewing. But reading books doesn’t really give you the same experience as interviewing few people most of whom are not the persons you wish you had.

This is why a new experience frightens me — though having a new experience is the one thing that excites me most.

I have led  many teams. I have helped many leaders improve their teams. But handling a new team is always a new experience — and each new experience is not something you can put in an old box. That’s not how it works.

Yes, a new experience frightens me. But a new experience also excites me. And what keeps me moving is that my excitement for the future is greater that whatever fear I have. And this excitement is not because I have positive mental attitude.

Dreams come true only when we accept and create new experiences. It is okay to be frightened as long as you keep moving forward.



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