Let your voice be heard.

My dear friend, let your voice be heard. Sitting on the sidelines, keeping yourself invisible will not help you. Neither will it help the world.

You have stories to tell. Stories which are foreign to others until you set them free. Stories which will enrich our lives. Stories, which sometimes, can change the world.

When I was young, one teacher commanded our class to keep our mouth shut. We, students, were discouraged to initiate conversations with each other — most specially when she was not around. She assigned one of our classmates to monitor the rest of us, and this poor fellow was ordered to write the names of those who violated her no-conversation rule. We were fined 25 centavos for talking — or in her term, for being noisy.

Let your voice be heard. Don’t allow anyone to tell you not to use your voice. It is God’s gift to you. And the only way you can show appreciation to that gift is to use it.

Let your voice be heard — and let the world see you soul.




  1. Thank you this is a much-needed encouragement to me. I also have experiences where my voice was not permitted. At 61 years old I am finally giving myself permission to use it.

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