The Power of Presence

Presence makes a person taller and bigger.

I am still on my 21 day challenge on discovering and making presence, engagement, and network. I am making more engagement and I have a larger network now. It is presence that I am constantly working on every day.

I saw presence yesterday while watching the  Balancing Act of the African Acrobats. Every member of the team has immense energy and confident. They know what they were doing and the audience felt their presence.

I still have six more days. I have a lot to share. And I will.

Jef Menguin



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  1. The Balancing Act you’re mentioning here was a game changer for me a while ago, thank you for bringing up this experience, Jef! And also thank you for this crisp notion on leadership skills – I heard about “Jef-letters” from one of my colleagues here at work and now I guess I’ll give them a try myself as well. And yes, you’re right about the inner nature and power of presence; no matter if you have all the intel and tools to be a great leader, if you don’t own it, they’re worth nothing.

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