Keynote and Guest Speaking

My schedule for next three months will be full very soon for speaking engagements. As of now, I am scheduled to keynote three annual assemblies. I am a new hand in keynote speaking. I have to much to learn and the opportunity for experimentation and discovery is great.

I also observed that there is an increasing number of invitation for me to be a guest speaker. For the last two weeks, I got invitation from five universities. Instead of creating pocket speeches for this invitations, I came up with written reflections on how and why guest speakers must prepare. You will find all of these posts in Guest Speaking 101.

Since the month of March and April are a season for commencement exercises , I wrote five posts on how you can become an effective commencement speaker. I will be posting them next week. One day you will be invited to deliver your commencement speech too. You will likely to benefit from these tips which I gave to those who came to me for coaching sessions.

Jef Menguin




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