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Presence. Engagement. Network.

My new 21 day challenge starts today. The three words presence, engagement,and network are three different goals with overlapping actions. You can help me become successful.

Presence. Wherever I am, I will make my presence felt. I want to feel the positive energy that I bring to them every time I speak and every time I listen to them. They will feel that in the sound of my voice, in my words, in the way I dress myself, and by the manner that I address them. They will feel my presence when I walk towards them and when I walk away from them.

I was in a church last week. I observe people who lifted their hands in worship. I saw some people who look around. I saw in their eyes that they wear lost. People who worshiped God did not feel their presence. I thought,the next time I am with people, I will make them feel that they are not alone. I am there moment by moment.

When I write, I hope people will also feel my presence. As I write, I imagine you reading my words and feeling my emotions. I hope I am creating a positive experience for you now.

Engagement. For the past weeks, I labored to bring my website – Everyday Leadership with Jef Menguin– on top. I was down for almost a month and my initial reaction was to bounce back. Replace the 400 articles with new ones.And I was successful. But I noticed that for four weeks too,there was no engagement between me and my readers. I wrote. They read. Subscribe. And others unsubscribe.

For the next 21 days, I will engage with people who took time to subscribe, comment, and shared my posts. I will go beyond that.

I will also engage with my previous clients. I will touch-base with them. I want them to know that I remember them and the partnerships we had together last year and the years before that. Are you one of them? Please shoot me an email.

Network. I will expand my space. I will go out more often and meet more people. Last week, I liked most of what I wrote because they were experiences with people. I will make more efforts to make friends and find opportunities to be of help to them.

I am expecting to speak to more than a thousand people this month. Most of them are nameless faces. I will know their names. We shall create spaces together.

I hope you will visit again because I will be telling you my experiences while doing these experiments.

To your progress,

Jef Menguin


An ordinary person with extraordinary dreams.

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