What to look for a motivational speaker?

I republished my article on 24/7 motivational speaker. My contention is that although motivational speakers are honest people and all willing to help, the best person who can motivate employees are the leaders. No motivational speaker can undo demotivation caused by poor management style.

I admire the motivational speakers in the Philippines. They are full of energy and are very passionate with what they believe in. However, most of them are mostly sizzles and do not bring the steak.

My recommendation: if ever you get a motivational speaker, get one with experience and expertise in your industry. When you meet them, ask for specific techniques and suggestions they will give.

Let their expertise, not the topics like positive thinking or abundance mentality, be the differentiator. The expertise makes the motivational unique. Motivational ideas are dime-a-dozen.



  1. Yes, you are right ! The biggest Motivational Speaker in a firm is itself leader. Attitude, performance, personality of employees depends entirely on the team leader. You need such a speaker who have huge experience in your niche.

  2. You’ve got a point here, Jef. In conclusion, motivation should be inspiration, beginning on the outside of a person and working its way in. A great speaker should talk about fear as new and changeling perceptions, fear can make everyone do things they never dreamed of but can we leave in constant fear? Not quite. But a great motivational speaker will convince its audience that fear/new perception will automatically power their performance.

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