Good People Can Win an Election

WE OUGHT TO HAVE POLITICAL LEADERS who have the heart and the head. It seemed that those who really can do more for the country do not dip their fingers in politics. The good ones do not get elected because good intentions are not always enough. Traditional political families have mastered the art of winning through guns, goons, and gold. They invest in religious leaders who command their people to vote for one politicians – for a price. You know this open secret.

I thought I can write series of articles that can help well-intentioned leaders win an election in the Philippines. To win an election, they must not use the strategies of the traditional politicians. Cheating is second nature to tradpols. Good leaders cannot compete with them in a game they have created.

They can harness the power of the grassroots. They can win an election through clear communication of their change agenda and a system of campaigning akin to the strategies of great companies. This is I will share through How Visionary Filipino Leaders Can Win an Election.

Visit the page and share your thoughts.


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