Team Facilitators Bootcamp

I think this will be the first in the Philippines that a company offers a program for team building facilitators. This is my brainchild which Starfisher Asia is now supporting.

There are many team building facilitators, but very few really know how to run team building exercises which are designed to meet business objectives, team goals, and individual growth. There are those in my profession who complain about game facilitators who call war games and parlor games as team building exercises. Games and activities which are not designed to improve the performance of the team cannot be called team building activities.

To solve this problem and to get the opportunity to train more leaders, I decided to start educating facilitators through the bootcamp.

The first who is now undergoing this training is Norine. I am revisiting the program and I walking her through 3 simple steps: clarify the participants agenda, design strategies, and identify specific steps and activities that shall be the bases of implementation.


The next bootcamp for team building facilitators will be on October 17 to October 19, 2013. Find more information about You can about Team Building Facilitators Bootcamps . Follow this link if you are looking for Team Building Workshops


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