You need to pause and reflect…


Leaders spend too many hours trying to fix problems. They get themselves busy over small things — and find themselves juggling marbles. You know how difficult that is.

Don’t waste your time on small, tactical actions. You need to see the big picture everyone once and a while. You’ve got to strategize. And one way to do that is to pause — and reflect.

Reflection must come after every action. By reflection, we enable ourselves to see the value of what we do. Deep in thought, we offer ourselves the opportunity to dig deeper and find the answers within our core.

I encourage you to find time today and reflect — and pray. We need to find the meaning for every moment.

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When life throws you a curveball…

… keep your eye on the ball, and with all your might hit it. You’ve been to many curveballs before. You missed some. You hit some. Swing your bat and hit the ball.

There is always something new, something that you’ll not be able to predict, something that you are not prepared. But that’s what life is all about. So, when it happens to you, enjoy its amazingness.

A curveball can be an opportunity to make a homerun. So, swing your bat. Hit the curveball.

Jef Menguin

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World of Colors

The world isn’t black or white. There are infinite colors in between them. And when we recognize this, we’ll be able to celebrate those whose colors and shades are not the same with us.

My call for positive revolution is to a call to celebrate the world — most specially what’s right with the world. Open your eyes — and you’ll see that our differences should not divide us Our differences only show how colorful we all are.

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Start a positive revolution.

Negative rules the day. The quickest way to come up with something to say is to talk about the negatives. Highlight whatever is wrong — and we’ll all find the reasons why we are not good enough.

But for every negative, there is positive. Although people tend to celebrate what’s wrong nine of ten, the positives never disappeared. It was not just prefered. It was not just celebrated.

It does not take a genius to talk about the negative. But to talk about the positives, to start a positive revolution, takes courage.

I invite you to celebrate what’s right with the world. Let your voice be heard. Let’s start a positive revolution.

Jef Menguin

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Let your voice be heard.

My dear friend, let your voice be heard. Sitting on the sidelines, keeping yourself invisible will not help you. Neither will it help the world.

You have stories to tell. Stories which are foreign to others until you set them free. Stories which will enrich our lives. Stories, which sometimes, can change the world.

When I was young, one teacher commanded our class to keep our mouth shut. We, students, were discouraged to initiate conversations with each other — most specially when she was not around. She assigned one of our classmates to monitor the rest of us, and this poor fellow was ordered to write the names of those who violated her no-conversation rule. We were fined 25 centavos for talking — or in her term, for being noisy.

Let your voice be heard. Don’t allow anyone to tell you not to use your voice. It is God’s gift to you. And the only way you can show appreciation to that gift is to use it.

Let your voice be heard — and let the world see you soul.