Trailblazer Manifesto

The world schools us how to think, to talk, and to walk.
The world defines for us the best we can be.
The world shows us which road leads to success and happiness.

Thanks but no thanks.

I am a leader.
I blaze trails.
I find new paths.
I challenge the status quo.
I inspire a new vision of tomorrow.

Yes, I am a traiblazer.

I create my own paths, walk my talk, and stretch my limits.

I am an original.
I am creative.
I am a trailblazer.

I look for opportunities and I create possibilities. I do not allow my education to limit my imagination.

As an employee, I find ways to do things differently. I look for solutions in every problem. I do not allow a box or an office cubicle to limit my potentialities.

When people say that “it has never been done”, I know that they are telling the truth. I will show them that a trailblazer will find a way. When there seems to be no way, I create one. What has never been done, will be done.

I consistently seek solutions and create value.

As a leader. I value my people’s dreams and aspirations; I key in and support their causes. I educate them. I engage them. I empower them. I model to them and show them the way.

This is how I live.
This is how I add value to the lives of others.
This is how I make my little difference in the world.

I am a trailblazer.

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Start something now.

I wrote the Traiblazer Manifesto to encourage myself to start something now. I do not have to wait until I am “ready”. I will not be ready unless I start.

I will not be able to write a book if I need to wait until I become an expert. I will become an expert about something when I published a book.

You can make a positive difference in the world. You can change anything you want to change in the future by starting the change today. You only need to start with one step…one small step so that the second and third…and thousand steps become possible.

Jef Menguin

You can choose to learn something everyday. And you can learn for free. Online.

I encourage you to find more opportunities to increase your knowledge and develop your skills. You will have a better appreciation of your world when you see it from the eyes of knowledge. One gift of knowledge is that ability to see things not only in black and white but in rainbow of colors.

I shared here the courses I took recently. I paid for some — but the rest I got for free.


990 Leaders

There are many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. When there is an intention to serve, you attract people.

This August 2016, I have trained all kinds of leaders.

  1. Ninety nurses, doctors, and medical staff.
  2. One hundred twenty educators.
  3. Sixty service crews.
  4. Six hundred fifty student leaders.
  5. Seventy financial consultants.

The month is not yet over.

As I share this list with you, I encourage you to count your blessings. Every person you can inspire and equip is God’s gift to you. Every person who listen to you believe that you can help them.

Grab every opportunity to be of help.


P.S. Read this old post: A Remarkable Speaker. Wherever you are now, you can make your job remarkable.

The Poetry of List-Making


Some years from now and I will be fifty. This did not occur to me, until now. I always felt young.

I will now allow the number, fifty, to make me feel old. We are all too young to be of great service to the world.

I was reading the post Walk the Last Mile. I will reach not sooner than anyone else of my age. But whatever I can give today, I must. Life cannot be measured by age.

I will keep mine evergreen.


Churches are sinner’s sanctuaries. In the Holy Place, we hope we get ourselves cleansed. Sundays are cleansing days. And the other six days are meant to be spent outside the Holy Place.

Imagine how our lives will change if we start thinking of our bodies as sanctuaries too. We become more aware of our actions. We guard ourselves against impure thoughts and evil intentions. We protect our bodies from anything that will destroy it.

We can change the way we think about our sanctuaries.

Jef Menguin

Let the clock teach you to value your life. Each tick and tock must remind us that we are nearing our end. Make the most of each tick and tock for one day you’ll not hear them again.

Do you celebrate small successes? I encourage you to focus on what works well in your life. When you celebrate your successes, no matter how small, you are allowing it to multiply.

Allow yourself to be happy about small things. Build your happiness muscles so that when the big successes come, you’ll recognize them.

Jef Menguin

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